About Us

CLR Education Consulting is an exclusive brand experience for Individuals who seek learning pathways that cater directly to their personal needs.

Founded in 2000, we have been proudly preparing students to achieve their goals through our Learners’ employability workshops & advisory services, test preparatory and College Placements.

We collaborate with a large network of educational providers both in-country and abroad to achieve these placement and preparatory steps to a fulfilled career. Our alumni, either as Learners, parents or product users come in very handy to complement our brand experience.

Helping You Find the Right University/College

There are several steps to a successful and satisfying career; there are outstanding routes to achieving desired goals.

At a time when it is most confusing for parents and students to make a decision on the next step before or after high school, consultants at CLR Education Consulting are at hand to help. Our further education placement services are backed up by user-knowledge, University & College visits and first hand experiences to help our clients make informed decisions.

We interview our students to find out their preferences, conduct an interest and ability profiling where necessary, take into account the students’ strengths and weaknesses before making a recommendation with varied researched options for the student to choose from.

Working with the parent and student’s budget envelope, we are able to advice and help with admission/application processes, requirements, external exams needed, tuition fees, available scholarships, accommodation and living expenses of each partner institution we work with in Canada, The USA, UK, Ireland, Australia and the Netherlands.

Equip Your Team

Our headhunting recruitment service helps institutions find the best skilled candidates to fill top positions in their organizations.

We also offer bespoke train the trainer SAT and IELTS workshops as an excellent starting point for instructors of schools that would like to run in-house training.



Is the Principal Consultant and a director at Corporate and Legal Resources -the parent company of CLR Education Consulting.
She has been helping students and families achieve…

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Is one of our training consultants facilitating students learning at our SAT workshops with her great numeracy skills and employing a variety of teaching strategies.
Her experiences and activities…

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ADAORAH ODUAH ESQ is our Director of Content Strategy and head of our Alumni marketing unit.
With a Global Media and Communication Graduate degree from London School of Economics UK and University of Southern California, Ada brings in a wealth of experience and expertise to our team.

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We have Sale Consultants across four major cities in Nigeria: Port Harcourt, Abuja, Lagos and Enugu.