The Concept of Individuality –My experience at SUNY

By: Olasubomi Babawale

Life is a pot of beans. We the individuals, are the beans. The pot is the embodiment of our truths in life. But what distinguishes each bean from another, is its content. This is because, when you cook beans, it can result in being undercooked, properly cooked or overly cooked. Hence, what makes each meal different, is more than its taste because, it has to do with being more experienced. I see life as a platform of growth. Sometimes, one must try to approach a situation in different ways to achieve their aims, which results in larger risks being taken.

I believe everything happens for a reason. Sometimes, it seems so illogical to comprehend. Other times, we feel choked by our own fate. But when we feel so weighed down, we tend to accept our fate. My experience at SUNY was far from what I had expected. But as the few weeks flew by, acceptance began to take its toll on me. Going to college, had been a dream for me. From all the 90’s clips of how cool college was, having a roommate-n everything was so exciting. I started my first week, ready to meet new people and experience something out of my comfort zone. But as the saying goes “Reality will always be a step ahead of you”.

My first week started off tipsy. I was unsure of my surroundings and how to relate. As few days passed and I had still not made a strong connection with anyone. It became mind boggling to me. I had started to believe I was the problem. However, the unrelenting efforts of the staffs to make us comfortable was heartwarming and encouraging. The activities we had pushed me to keep on trying. As we progressed a few people warmed up to me and it was refreshing. It felt like I had finally been drawn out of sinking sand. In all, I believe my experience at SUNY was one I would forever hold on to- good or bad. This is because, none of those things matter, when we finally achieve our life’s purpose. I currently hold offers to progress to the second year of my degree at four top US and world ranked universities. Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!

One should never want to be a diluted version of oneself because, college is about experiencing a variety of opportunities and representing your worth as an individual. Who are you and What do you stand for? My name is Olasubomi Babawale and I am from Nigeria. I enjoy art and poetry. I am a fictional novel enthusiast. I love to draw and paint.



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