Study Abroad

Student Placement

At a time when it is most confusing for parents and students to make a decision on the next step before or after high school, consultants at CLR Education Consulting are at hand to help. Our further education student placement services are backed up by user-knowledge, University & College visits and first hand experiences to help our clients make informed decisions.

We interview our students to find out their preferences, conduct an interest and ability profiling where necessary, take into account the students’ strengths and weaknesses before making a recommendation with varied researched options for the student to choose from.

Working with the parent and student’s budget envelope, we are able to advice and help with admission/application processes, requirements, external exams needed, tuition fees, available scholarships, accommodation and living expenses of each partner institution we work with in Canada, The USA, UK, Ireland, Australia and the Netherlands.

Service Details

Inclusive with our student placement offering are the following:

  • Bespoke Soft Skill and Acculturation Training Workshop
  • Placement Offers and Admission Processing

    Reputable international universities and colleges

  • Visa Counselling
  • Scholarship Assistance
  • Researched Information

    On academics course content and curriculum

  • Course and University Selection

    Backed with researched information

  • Pre-departure Services
  • Post-Arrival Services
  • Accommodation Services
  • University Visit
  • Registration, Online Training and Professional Development Workshop

    For English Language test (IELTS, TOEFL) and SAT

  • Psychometric Testing

    This will help students identify their correct career pathway

  • Education Counselling