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Days at CATS College Canterbury

We recently launched a Parent- Student Connect which is a service whereby we connect a prospective student and parent to one of our ex-students at a study center of interest.

These ex- students also take out time to give us insights into their days at our partner Study Centers. For this month we are featuring our UK ex- college students as they graduate with very high grades from various universities this year.

LOOKING BACK AT THE DAYS IN CATS COLLEGE CANTERBURY! CLR Education Consulting spoke with some of these students about their days at CATS Canterbury 4 years ago and the responses:

Studied A Levels at CATS College Canterbury and in 2013 progressed to and recently graduated from University of Kent, UK with an LLB Law degree Programme.

On my arrival at the college in 2011 for the first time, I found it quiet and serene. I settled in and observed a very personal relationship between the students and the authorities. Not barring the number of students, everyone is known by name and as an international student it helped me never to feel alone.

The teaching is top class and the college encourage students to understand that education is a personal thing. Ultimately what we do with the knowledge passed on to us by our teachers depends on us. We were meant to go around and beyond the subject of discourse by researching and personalizing it. In effect we were not reading for grades only but for knowledge.

I learned not to just accept opinions but critically analyze them and form my own opinion which I can defend based on research-able evidence. I now think differently, read the newspapers and watch the news differently.

From my entire learning at the college, my approach to education became different, instead of been concerned about having the wrong answers, I worried more about originality in my thinking.

Studied the International Foundation Programme at the CATS College Canterbury and in 2013 and progressed to Reading University UK from where I recently graduated with an LLB Law degree Programme.

I absolutely loved the location of CATS College on arrival. In the short commute-a two-minute work from my residence to the classroom ensured that my daily routine was less strenuous. I loved the quiet and serene neighborhood.

Knowing that the programme is run by the Cambridge Education Group, the first College to run a University foundation programme in the UK, I expected nothing but the best and my expectations were definitely met.

Changing courses from a science background, I was definitely a bit nervous then about how I would settle into the art subjects, but I can now say, I was very glad to find out then that it was easier than I thought. Thanks to the competent teachers who made learning easy and exciting for me and also the assessments held every three weeks ensured that I was able to identify areas that I needed to improve upon.

I enjoyed every bit of my 9 month law foundation programme thanks to both the outstanding teachers and my fellow students, some of whom I have made life-long friends hopefully! This helped a lot with my Law programme at Reading a University.

The high credibility and reputation of the university foundation programme gave me the confidence that my efforts would pay off in the end and it actually as I am now a Law degree graduate.

The classes at CATS College were also very small thereby ensuring distractions within and beyond the classroom were minimal.

I am glad I passed through this route.

Nneka Oduah

About Nneka Oduah

Nneka Oduah is the Principal Consultant and a director at Corporate and Legal Resources -the parent company of CLR Education Consulting. She has been helping students and families achieve placements at various reputable study centers abroad with a well-established network of International Partners.
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